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Anonymous said:
The anon has no idea what they're talking about and can fuck right off. Enjorlas would probably end up slapping them. Shitty, so called, ''allies'' are the worst and I'm sorry they're being such a prat. xo

Thanks friend <3

Anonymous said:
sometimes i think about enjolras' reaction to modern society and how excited he'd be by all the activist groups but also how disappointed he'd be by how far we still have to go and then how absolutely livid he'd be at people like that anon and i just... you don't deserve to have their shitty opinions cluttering up your inbox, and your life. stay strong, they're an arsehole.

thank you this was a really sweet message! I was talking with one of my friends about most of les amis being POC and all taking the piss out of the white boys, and then Marius is like “isn’t this.. reverse racism?” and it’s like the Napolean argument all over again.

Thing is, I get the feeling they’ve had these arguments before and they didn’t actually respond to any of my points, so I fail to see how I’m the dogmatic one.

Thanks again anon, you’re a darling xoxo

Anonymous said:
oh my god that anon clearly has no concept of enjolras' character at all. it's like when you read modern au fics where he's not a feminist and it's just like ???? glad you're here defending his character!

Thanks friend! I think I needed this message. 

Pfffft. Imagine Enjolras being like “I don’t believe in feminism because I’m an egalitarian. I mean. Come on guys. Men have it hard too.”

I don’t even think he could bring himself to say it as a joke.

Anonymous said:
Oh, you ARE one of those dogmatic and delusional tumblr SJWs. How utterly disappointing. Perhaps I shouldn't have bothered apologizing, but then, I did it mostly for myself. And if you see an attempt at a discussion as ''hate'', you clearly have no idea what the word means. But then, you're only twenty.

I didn’t call you messaging me hate?? I meant in reference to you saying you don’t want a flood of people on your tail. I wouldn’t agree with anyone hate messaging you.

Look. The thing is I’ve had this discussion before. I’ve talked to people like you before. I have done this a thousand times and you never listen and I’m tired. I’m tired of having to justify saying ‘fuck cis people’ when I’m continually mocked for being trans, when my fucking mother compared it to my sister dying, like I was killing her other daughter. I am tired of having to justify saying ‘straight people are awful’ when they have thrown rocks at me down the street. I’m tired of my lived experiences being constantly invalidated on the basis that ‘not all x did that! so you shouldn’t be upset! stop saying straight people oppress you that upsets me!’ 

I am tired of people like you who derail arguments about our fundamental human rights, to talk about how you once got upset because a gay person said you couldn’t join the MOGAI society. I am tired of people like you who make your support contingent on how nice we are, who always think that instead of tackling the fucking rot that’s bringing down the building, we should stop to take care of the paint work too, and then have the audacity to call yourself allies.

You think I don’t have rational discussions? Sorry I get emotional about people being murdered. Sorry I’ve had this conversation six times this week already. Sorry I don’t have the energy to indulge the ignorant today.

Anonymous said:
Oh, and I apologise if my messages come across mocking or dismissive of your opinions. That was not my intention, I'm sorry. It's just that messages have a word limit and I wanted to get my points across as succinctly as possible. I love les mis discussions and would have loved to do this in reblogs but the last thing I want is a swarm of impressionable tumblr SJW (not you necessarily but your friends) on my tail.

For reference, I don’t support anyone hate messaging people.

Your views are utterly awful and contribute to oppression in so many way, so I’m sorry but I am going to be pretty dismissive of your opinions because I’ve already considered them pretty thoroughly. This isn’t anything I haven’t heard before and I’m guessing my opinions aren’t either. I’m not going to lie my opinion of Enjolras’ character is very much influenced by what I think a good activist looks like because I think he would be pretty on point. I just can’t imagine him saying to a grieving community ‘don’t fight hate with hate!’ when they say white people are awful. He’d offer solidarity in his anger and try to organise things to help the community. Not derail the discussion or silence anger that drives forward change.

Anonymous said:
Yes, actually. I can imagine Enjolras saying all that - discrimination is discrimination, racism is racism, whether against black or white. Unless you think blacks can't be racists, in which case there is literally nothing for us to talk about. Enjolras believed that ALL are equal, all have EXACTLY THE SAME right to speak on every issue under the sun. The opinion of the oppressed is NO MORE VALID than that of his ally. Reread his barricade speeches. Learn about the French Revolution. Then talk.

Oh god you are so misguided it’s sort of hilarious.

Being equal doesn’t mean everyone has equally valid opinions. So if you take someone with a masters in nuclear engineering and someone who maybe watched a few shows with a nuclear power plant in them and maybe they know the basics of fission, you wouldn’t treat their opinion as equal in how to stop a melt down would you?

People who experience racism are the experts in racism. There is only so much white people can understand because we will never experience it. So yeah you fucking defer to POC people when they talk about how to fix racism because they’re in the best position to judge what is and isn’t racist, and how to be a good ally. And often that means shutting up when they’re talking and amplifying their voices where you can, not trying to make decisions when they know best

Also if you think ‘racism is racism, whether against black or white’ you clearly have no grasp of what racism actually is. Racism is systematic abuse, it ends in lost lives, not in hurt feelings. It ends in black teenagers being shot in the streets. If you can’t handle someone saying ‘I hate white people’ when they have lost members of their community because of racism, then you need to fucking sort out your priorities. Grieving is categorically worse than a few people telling you your group is collectively shitty. How can you even sit there and think that people shouldn’t be angry? How can you actually believe that people shouldn’t be able to say they hate a group that murders them and creates a culture which enables them to get away with it? H o w?

So let’s put this in context of the brick, shall we? Imagine Enjolras saying that the poor should take into account the feelings of the rich when they’re talking about how the exploitation of their class is literally killing them. They shouldn’t say ‘rich people’ or ‘bourgeoisie’ because that implies all rich people and upsetting allies is just as important as you literally starving! Because we can only achieve a new world by love and understanding, not you know, by violently overthrowing the upper class!

Like hell would Enjolras say that, but by all means you continue using him to make you feel better about your shitty views.

Christ I could write a whole lot more on the meaning of metonymy and shit but fuck it I’m done.


enjolras’ surprise birthday party was going surprisingly well until he blew out his candles and courfeyrac uttered the unutterable

let them eat cake

Anonymous said:
whats wrong :(

People are selfish arseholes basically. Don’t worry, I’m okay. I’m gonna sleep it off.